Saturday, April 30, 2011

Baseball HOF

Great post about visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame.

I completely agree that if the HOF isn't going to let players who broke the rules of baseball to be included then at the very least there needs to be some kind of section in the museum part that explains the steroids era. Steroids in baseball for me is a tough thing to come up with a concrete opinion on. In my opinion PEDs definitely made baseball exciting for people again.

Here you can see the attendance boost that the 1998 homerun race provided, an increase in attendance of 7 million from 1997 to 1998 that sustained until 2001.

Year Attendance
2011 10,610,210*
2010 73,061,763
2009 73,430,580
2008 78,624,315
2007 79,484,718
2006 76,043,902
2005 74,915,268
2004 73,022,972
2003 67,630,052
2002 67,944,389
2001 72,581,101
2000 71,358,907
1999 70,139,380
1998 70,601,147
1997 63,168,689
1996 60,097,381
1995 50,469,236
1994 50,010,016
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Generated 4/30/2011.
*2011 Season not complete

The 2002 season which if I remember right is when all the suspicion around Bonds' PED use started to rise. It's interesting how baseball fans loved the excitement of these races but once they found out what fueled them they stopped watching. Without these home run races baseball would probably be in some serious trouble.

I just hope that players realize that using PEDs is going to keep them out of being honorably recognized for their great accomplishments although we shouldn't blackout one of the more controversial eras in the sport.

Thoughts? Opinions? Think I've missed it? Please leave a comment and let me know and thanks for reading.

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