Friday, March 18, 2011

The Guitar: Gibson SG

I recently purchased a Gibson SG Custom with P90 pickups and I am loving it; truly. I apologize for the shitty pictures. These were taken with my iPhone.

I was worried about the worn cherry finish but it is actually pretty nice. I don't have to worry about cleaning up smudges on a gloss finish and it showcases the body well.

This pictures shows the practice amp that I bought as well, a Fender Mustang I, which has proved to be great already. The '59 Bassman sound it produces is sweet and 20W is plenty for me although I do have my eye on a Marshall Class 5 tube amp.


  1. Nice, dude. I love it. Sweet looking guitar.

    You might also consider a nice pedal (I've got the Boss ME-70) that can emulate various amps and sounds. A ton of versatile guitarists barely use amps anymore. I've got a Marshall 50W that sounds nice, but with my pedal, I just don't need it.

  2. @Brandon - Thanks. I actually bought a modeling amp that pretty much does what you're describing. The amp also has a tuner. For $100 it's tough to beat I think. It's a Fender Mustang I (

    I do have my eyes set on a Vox AC4TV though, can't beat that real tube sound.