Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sometimes I wish...

This post is inspired by Sometimes I Wish - Colin Hay. In the song he goes on to tell how he thinks about what it would be like for him to be born in a different era. I wonder about this from time to time.

What would it be like to have been born in the time of the Spartans (431-404 BC)? It probably would have been pretty lame for most of us. Some of us wouldn't have made it much past birth. We would have been bathed in wine shortly after we saw the light and that would have been it. The rest of us would have been thrown out because we were too small. What was left would have been trained in...KICKING ASS. Now I would imagine that this life would have been pretty boring. Going to the gym all day every day, beating each other up, bleeding all the time just to become soldiers. That was life to most of them, I guess. That's what wikipedia tells me anyway. I probably would have been a lousy soldier for the Spartans. I wouldn't have understood the borderline military paranoia that they created. Although it would have been sweet to fight in slow motion and dine in Hell...

The next era of interest to me probably would have been the good ole-d American West (1830-1920) because everyone had a horse and a gun. Now don't get me wrong the hats were pretty nice but I think the horses and the thrill of adventure are what would attract me to this time. Louis and Clark had finished their expedition only a few years earlier which meant there was still a lot of uncharted territory. Maybe I would have tagged alongside John Muir exploring California and the Northwest or possibly lived long enough to see the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawke.

The point is this era would have been great. Plenty of people proudly wearing mustaches and enough cattle to go around. While most hicks were probably out lassoing the loose bulls the rest of the people were carrying on the Industrial Revolution. There really was a lot going on. And in 1901 I would have been able to see the birth of something wonderful, the New York Yankees. Lastly there would have been wiki wiki Wild Wild West...

Don't hold your breath. Some of you may have seen this coming. The final era I would have liked to have lived in don don donnnnn, the late 1960s and on into the 1970s. Now I guess you could say this is somewhat of a cheat since I've picked to modern decades, well if you feel that way I don't care. The 60s were great mainly because of music and drugs. The Beatles released Rubber Soul (1965), Magical Mystery Tour (1967), and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967). Then there was the development of rock with Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd in the 70s. A few other reason why this time period was great. The cars were beautiful, the beer flowed like wine, and the movies were epic as well. 2001 Space Odyssey (1968), Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969), American Graffiti (1973), Jaws (1975), and Star Wars and Annie Hall (1977). Good stuff. American media was really hitting it's stride.

Although these would have been some interesting times to live in and I guess it doesn't make much sense for me to start out with an era I wouldn't like to live in and then move to two that I would, maybe I just like making fun of 300 whenever I can, Colin Hay's song is about a little more than this. He goes on to say:

You can never have it all.
You can have some things some of the time.
You can have most things nearly all the time.
But you can't have it all the time.

I've always liked this song because it has a fun and light vibe to it but then moves onto something deeper. Colin Hay's lyrics aren't known for being something you stew over for months and finally figure out what he's meaning like Bold as Love, but I still appreciate them just as much. It's nice to hear that we can't have everything in life. Most of the time we are just fine. Most of the time we just want a little more. I know for me all the time I need to practice a little more contentment.

Be content with your lot; one cannot be first in everything. - Aesop (Juno and the Peacock) Thank you John Bartlett.

If I've missed a great time to live in or if you have something else you'd like to tell me, commenting is encouraged.

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